Rethinking Quality at IMTS 2018: Measuring Quality

Visit us at IMTS on booth 135202.

In part two of this blog series, we explored how visitors to the Hexagon booth at IMTS 2018 will be challenged to Rethink Quality and integrate it into the production stage of the manufacturing process and product lifecycle. After ensuring that the design intent ismaintained through the production cycle with MSC Software, and improving productivity and delivering high-quality components withVero Software, visitors will move across the digital thread to learn how Hexagon’s various metrology hardware and software enable manufacturers to improve their manufacturing process. In this blog, you will learn how the technology at the Hexagon booth will challenge attendees to integrate quality in the post-production inspection stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality data provides manufacturers with much greater opportunities than simply checking components. The function of the quality department shouldn’t just be to find fault. By analysing quality data to its full potential, quality engineers can influence decision-making upstream and downstream, becoming the architect of quality design, quality production and quality outcomes.New-Absolute-Arm-Launch_Sliders-for-Web_SELECT-YOUR-ARM_800x428

As we conclude our journey of showcasing the complete production lifecycle of an automotive engine block, we are now tasked with the post-production inspection of the dimensional measurements of a part against specifications. Whether it’s utilizing hand tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable measuring arms, laser trackers and 3D optical scanners – all with user-friendly metrology software and statistical process control (SPC) solutions – the “quality room” is where components and our engine blocks either meet or fail to live up to their specifications.

Hexagon has a proud heritage in metrology, delivering accuracy and precision from the quality room to the shop floor. Our research and development team is committed to developing new measurement hardware across a host of quality inspection trends: from contact to non-contact; from offline to integrated; from manual to automated. At the Hexagon booth, attendees willhave the chance to see, touch and demo our metrology hardware and software solutions such as the all new Absolute Arm range, GLOBAL S CMM, Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, PC-DMIS 2018 R2 and much more. Hexagon-MI-Global-S-Webbanner-Image

By using our metrology hardware and software solutions in parallel with manufacturing information technologies from the wider product lifecycle, we are driving new definitions of metrology and the quality department and developing processes where quality drives productivity.

Think that quality is the responsibility of one department? Think again. Learn more about how Hexagon is Rethinking Quality, and be sure to visit the Hexagon booth at IMTS in booth 135202 to see for yourself.

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Read part two of this blog series. 



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