PC-DMIS: the Latest Enhancements Driving Productivity

PC-DMIS metrology software is continually being optimised to streamline measurement creation, execution and users’ ability to collaborate on results.

At HxGN LIVE 2018, there was another full house at our PC-DMIS Users’ Group, where users learned how to leverage the full powers of the software and got up-to-speed on its latest developments.

In this video from the event, Ken Woodbine, President of metrology Software Product Line, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, shares some of the insights attendees gained, including how:

  • PC-DMIS uses the digital thread to increase connectivity and reduce silos, helping manufacturers operate as a highly productive Smart Factory
  • Enhancements to Quick Features drive productivity
  • PC-DMIS integration with Q-DAS Statistics software enhances data visibility and process control capabilities
  • The PC-DMIS Go app will help users receive results on the move


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