On demand session – Hannover Messe: making industry smarter and more sustainable with autonomous processes

One of the fundamental challenges facing the world today is to make economic growth more sustainable.

For decades, scientists around the globe have warned about the ecological dangers of depleting natural resources and increasing carbon emissions. There’s no denying that, up to now, unsustainable business practices have contributed to these issues. But at Hexagon we believe that business and economic growth doesn’t need to come at the expense of our planet.

The smarter application of technology is the only answer. COVID-19 has accelerated automation in manufacturing, but to become more sustainable businesses need to move to the next stage in the industrial revolution: autonomy.

Autonomous systems offer unprecedented efficiency outcomes that are crucial to both businesses and our planet. Via optimal sensors and software, a digital thread enables data to be autonomously communicated throughout the manufacturing process for continuous feedback and improvement.

This is not only transformative for product development and production efficiency, but leads to greener processes and outcomes.

Hexagon is all about empowering an autonomous future. In my keynote at Hannover Messe 2021, I explore in detail how Hexagon’s autonomous solutions help manufacturers increase efficiency and productivity sustainably.

Watch the video of my keynote to learn how:

  • Booster Precision Components GmbH benefits from autonomous systems
  • Autonomy is driving a paradigm shift and solving key industrial and global challenges
  • You can put data to work and pursue long-term digital transformation goals while adding value today
  • Hexagon can help your organisation make manufacturing smarter



  • Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nexus. He worked for over 25 years in the technology industry before joining Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division as Vice President of Marketing in 2017. More recently he led the Metrology and Production Software Business Unit before being part of the founding team for Nexus – our new cloud platform for digital engineering and manufacturing – which he now leads.

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