On demand session – Hannover Messe: enabling smarter reverse engineering

Reverse engineering offers many potential benefits in the design and production of products and replacement parts, from shorter lead teams to reduced number of prototypes. But due to the challenges of reverse engineering, manufacturers can sometimes find it difficult to achieve these expected efficiency and productivity improvements.

Hexagon has developed an intuitive and easy-to-learn system that helps manufacturers maximise the potential of reverse engineering. Combining the capabilities of the Absolute Arm and the newly-released REcreate software, Hexagon’s solution makes reverse engineering smarter.

In this video from Hannover Messe 2021, Hayley Burrows, Technical Product Manager, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, explores the value of holistic, end-to-end workflow management in the reverse engineering process.

This presentation provides an overview of the reverse engineering process and product demonstrations showcasing the workflow on an automotive part, for prismatic geometry, and a Frankenstein doll, for a combination of freeform and prismatic geometry.

Watch this video to discover:

  • The typical challenges of reverse engineering and how Hexagon’s solution resolves them
  • A three-step demonstration of Hexagon’s reverse engineering process
  • Two case studies offering detailed, visual insights into how Hexagon’s solution reverse engineers the part and the benefits of using the Hexagon solution


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