On demand session – Hannover Messe: eMobility – accelerating vehicle electrification

Data suggests that CO2 emissions are accelerating, and it’s clear that now is the time for organisations to step up with solutions to this global problem.

eMobility is an opportunity for the automotive industry and its consumers to reduce their ecological impact, but an holistic manufacturing approach to 100% electrification is needed to truly drive the effectiveness and sustainable production of electric vehicles (EVs).

In this presentation at Hannover Messe 2021, Luca Castignani, Global Automotive Industry Director, Hexagon, explores some of the key challenges in eMobility manufacturing and the smart design, production, and quality solutions that will help solve them.

From simulating vehicle performance to producing and inspecting parts with increasingly tight tolerances, Castignani provides deep insight into the manufacturing technologies that are accelerating innovation in the EV space.

Watch this video to learn about:

  • The importance of eMobility initiatives and the challenges facing the industry
  • Resolving thermal challenges in eMotors with analysis tools
  • Accurate and efficient measurement of rotor and stator laminations of eMotors
  • Computed tomography for battery inspection


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