Join Paolo Guglielmini, in the Wings for Life World Run

There is a clear affinity between Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Wings for Life. The work of both of our organisations is underpinned by an ethos of pushing technology to its limits. Hexagon creates innovative solutions to help manufacturers integrate crucial data across the product lifecycle for smarter, more efficient ways of working and better products. Wings for Life funds research and clinical trials that aim to develop innovative cures for injuries to the spinal cord, the messaging system between the brain and body. I would encourage everyone to read about the research funded by Wings for Life and the progress that is being made in clinical studies. This important work is not only life-changing, but fascinating too.

Wings for Life has been Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s global charity partner for a number of years. During that time I’ve heard many fantastic stories from my colleagues about their participation in the charity’s flagship fundraising event, the Wings for Life World Run. This year, I’m proud to be joining them to take part in the Wings for Life World Run.

Like Wings for Life’s work, the run format is highly innovative. There isn’t a finish line; in this race, a virtual Catcher Car sets off 30 minutes after you begin the race, getting progressively faster. Your race is over when the car finally catches you.

For some of our more seasoned runners, the World Run is an opportunity for friendly competition and to achieve their personal best running times. For others who, shall we say, are not exactly the biggest fans of running, it’s a chance to push themselves to try something new. Regardless of how frequently we put on our running shoes, the event always brings teams together to support an important cause.

As for myself, I enjoy running and I’m looking forward to this new challenge!

This year, you can take part in the World Run via an Organised App Run, taking place in numerous cities and towns all around the globe. This useful list of locations also provides details on the running surface, an indication of difficulty level, and the sights you will be soaking in as you run!

Alternatively, you can download the App, run alone or with a running partner, and pick the route that best suits your running style. Whether you want to take it easy on a flat course or test yourself against some hilly terrain, the app puts the choice firmly in your hands. Of course, you don’t have to run at all – you can jog, power walk, or even stroll! What matters is participation, especially since 100% of entry fees and donations are directed to research funding.

There’s an option available to everyone to participate and support this incredible cause, so if you’re interested I encourage you to join me and sign up. To all of you running, I wish you the best of luck. I’ll see you at the finish line!


  • Paolo Guglielmini

    Paolo Guglielmini is President of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division. He joined Hexagon in 2010 and holds a Master of Science in Engineering and an MBA. Guglielmini has previously held positions at Accenture and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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