How will AI transform quality management?

Digital transformation is a huge topic in manufacturing today. It lies at the centre of long-term, major smart factory strategies and plays a key part in making quality more efficient.

What about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital transformation of quality management? What gains are there to be made by using AI solutions in this area? And what are the major considerations for companies looking to take this next step on their industry 4.0 journey?

In this interview, we gain insights from Professor Dr. Robert Schmitt, Director of the Laboratory for Machine Tools at RWTH Aachen University. He gives us a deep dive into some of the key points of discussion around AI’s use in quality management, exploring:

  • Major milestones in quality management over the last 30 years and the development of more predictive rather than just analytical tools
  • Defining AI in the domain of quality management
  • The internet of production framework, its objectives, and how it works
  • How the capabilities and intelligence of AI are advancing
  • The role of AI in making machine maintenance and calibration smarter
  • How AI will help quality professionals to enhance skills and knowledge for stronger decision-making
  • What the future holds for quality management and AI’s role in these changes


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