How can Hexagon help make it smarter

At HxGN LIVE, I had the great opportunity to deliver a presentation that served as a kind of summary of the event and our Smart Factory strategy for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s customers.

Our new summary statement to customers is that Hexagon can help “make it smarter”, and my presentation was geared to summarize exactly how we do that.

I think that message is very timely for our customers right now. As mentioned in the beginning of my presentation, most of our customers already know they need to do something to improve quality and productivity and, in fact, they are driving Smart Factory initiatives in their companies. But these initiatives are not easy and they can really use our help to move them forward on their digital transformation journey.

My presentation covers 4 different “levels” of transformation capabilities from Hexagon. Intrigued about what those four levels are? Grab some popcorn and watch!


  • Brian Shepherd

    Brian Shepherd has the responsibility for the coordinated strategies and synergies across the application software portfolio of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, addressing the lifecycle quality initiatives for discrete manufacturers operating in the Industry 4.0 era. Previously, Brian held several different roles at PTC for over 20 years including EVP of Software Development and EVP of Enterprise Segments.

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