GLOBAL S: A Proud Lineage of Customer Focus

We recently shared a case study about how the team at China Airlines uses its coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to help speed up production by 50%. The CMM in question, the DEA OMEGA, has been dutifully measuring part after part for almost 25 years! While the product is no longer in production, the team’s machine continues to drive efficiency, with software updates enhancing performance.

With the help of a maintenance programme, China Airlines optimises the system to fulfil its organisational objectives, shaping the CMM that is right for its operational needs. A reliable and durable machine, the DEA OMEGA is in many ways the grandfather of our latest bridge-type CMM; we can certainly trace the new GLOBAL S’s lineage through this ethos of tailoring solutions to customer needs.

GLOBAL S brings an unprecedented degree of customisation to the CMM world, enabling customers to target key productivity drivers to their needs by configuring the machine with one of four capability packages:

  • Throughput, for greater output
  • Precision, for confidence in measurement accuracy
  • Shop-Floor, for inspection closer to production
  • Multi-Purpose, for expanded measurement flexibility

GLOBAL S is the first release in our Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS), which is all about taking a holistic perspective of the solution and strategies to help manufacturers achieve greater productivity. With EPS, it isn’t just about the best, most applicable hardware, but exploring our full portfolio of smart technologies – everything from software to accessories – to ensure the optimal solutions are leveraged and integrated, saving users time and money.

We’re all about closing the gap between what is and what should be in manufacturing production. Download the brochure to find out more about how GLOBAL S is a unique leap toward what should be.


  • Hayley Penfield

    Hayley Penfield is a Product Marketing Manager at Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, responsible for the product marketing strategy for the Stationary Components and Service and Support product lines. Joining Hexagon in 2016, Hayley has over 15 years of marketing experience working with different global brands

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