Enabling manufacturers to embrace a smart digital reality

We have all seen reports recently of how issues with supply chains since the pandemic have disrupted manufacturing operations, causing some to pause production until bottlenecks have been eased and critical components have been sourced. There is no panacea for these issues, but many manufacturers are now looking for ways to increase their agility and resilience, to become more responsive to supply issues and shifts in customer demand.

Manufacturers also need to adapt to the changing landscapes of industries such as automotive, in which manufacturers are increasingly adopting processes more akin to consumer electronics players. Time-to-market is plummeting because of this, completely disrupting the perceived norms of car production, but will we see these transformations replicated elsewhere? What solutions can be implemented to prepare for change and maintain your competitive edge in other industries?

Adopting an agile mindset

Agility is not an easy quality to instil in manufacturing and requires an entire cultural overhaul, but digital transformation is a key accelerant to the process, linking together previously siloed parts of the operation, sharing and leveraging data throughout the value chain.  Every business has masses of data and is probably aware of how valuable it is, but Hexagon’s digital solutions ensure data is captured and put to work in new, more efficient and more productive ways.

One of the most powerful tools in this space is the digital twin. By creating a virtual representation of a physical part or process through sensor fusion, digital twins merge digital and real worlds to enable simultaneous collaboration across departments, regardless of geographical locations. The result is faster, seamless product development and more informed decision-making.

Creating smart digital realities

With technologies such as the digital twin integrated into a manufacturing process, the lines between digital and real become blurred. In doing this, old barriers that slowed development and production are removed, while simultaneously opening the doors for new technologies such as AI and ML to enhance autonomy and reduce the need for human intervention.

Hexagon’s long history of making the most accurate sensor and measurement systems available combines with our rich heritage in software to deliver smart new digital realities that completely transform the way manufacturing workflows are perceived and engaged with. We have a unique proposition and our end-to-end digital solutions deliver the opportunity for manufacturers to increase autonomy and efficiency across their workflows for a more sustainable future.

Digital transformation is about people

We understand the importance of upskilling employees, empowering them to implement digital transformation and collaborating in new ways with colleagues and customers. Digital transformation requires an open attitude to continuous learning from all levels of the business to establish strategies that function in harmony with the capabilities of new software and hardware.  Our training support leverages a long history of delivering change to manufacturers and this will also be showcased at the Future of Manufacturing Summit at HxGN LIVE Global 2022.

Explore, discover and learn about smart digital reality solutions at the Future of Manufacturing Summit, just one of the content streams at HxGN LIVE Global. Hear from experts on how proven technology is digitally transforming facilities and assets to drive productivity, optimise workflows and digitalise your manufacturing ecosystem. Network with industry leaders, take home ideas that will inspire your organisation, and experience an autonomous future: https://hxgn.biz/31LRJtG


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