DELTA OPERA: a new era for large-volume CMM measurement

If you ever listen to operatic music or watch a production, there are several aspects of the form that are unignorable: the larger-than-life performance, the grandeur, and the deep sense of tradition and history.

The same elements characterise DELTA OPERA, which introduces a significant structural innovation in the evolution of large-volume coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

The story begins in the 1960s, when the pioneering DEA gantry machines delivered unprecedentedly fast and precise inspection capabilities for large workpieces. For decades, manufacturers across the world relied on DEA machines to ensure large-volume workpieces were made to spec and shipments were sent on time. DELTA OPERA builds on this tradition and ushers in a new era for part loading efficiency.

Constructed with a unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure design, DELTA OPERA enables you to load and unload workpieces from the front, rear, and side of the machine. This allows you to maximise loading and programming flexibility, so you can make your inspection as efficient as possible.

These structural innovations are combined with high precision and speed performance that enable significant quality cycle time reductions. DELTA OPERA can be constructed and customised to the size you require, enabling you to reduce ownership costs with a smaller footprint than equivalent gantry CMMs.

Operators can always be aware of how the performance is going with DELTA OPERA’s machine speed and status lighting indicators. This performance can be made even more efficient with the Manual Application Changer (MAC), which enables you to seamlessly swap between indexable and fixed probe heads and ensure you always have the right probing setup for your application. Additional user experience enhancements includes optional LED lighting, providing extra illumination within the measuring area for greater part visibility.

For manufacturers with large volume inspection requirements, such as aerospace and energy, DELTA OPERA introduces new possibilities for making inspection smarter and more efficient.

Want to learn more about the kind of CMM performance that deserves a standing ovation? Check out the DELTA OPERA brochure.


  • Hayley Penfield

    Hayley Penfield is a Product Marketing Manager at Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, responsible for the product marketing strategy for the Stationary Components and Service and Support product lines. Joining Hexagon in 2016, Hayley has over 15 years of marketing experience working with different global brands

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