Cristina Balboni helps shape experience of PC-DMIS users worldwide

After studying chemical engineering, Cristina Balboni got the programming bug, built a career in software and today works on PC-DMIS, the world’s leading metrology software.

1. What is your role within Hexagon?
I’m a software developer and have been in this field since 2001.
Until 2013, I worked on a minor software product acquired by Hexagon. Then in 2013, I began working for PC-DMIS, which is a world-leading metrology software package, starting in the Sheetmetal software team before moving to the (computer aided design) CAD software team.

2. How did you come to pursue your current career?
Upon earning my Chemical Engineering degree, I had a chance to improve my knowledge of programming languages (C++ and Java) and after that I received an offer to work for a software firm working in the metrology world. After a few years, Hexagon acquired that firm and I transitioned into the software group.

3. Is there a mentor who encouraged you?
Yes, I did. The manager I had during my first job was a very skilled person and a great programmer, he taught me a lot about programming.

4. Which aspects of your job do you most enjoy and why?
First of all, I really like to work with people of various nationalities and from different cultures. It’s a source of pure energy and motivation. Another important aspect of my job is that it’s always different. Each assignment offers something new to accomplish and it is never boring.

5. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Any time I have moved from one company to another, one product to another, or one team to another has been a challenge but it has also been a chance to improve my skills and myself. I overcome these challenges simply by working hard and by never giving up in the face of difficulties.

6. Which professional achievements are you most proud of and why?
I’m proud to have been chosen to work for my current team and I’m proud to have been always able to accomplish all the assignments given to me and I’m really proud to work for this company.

7. What advice would you give to young women considering a career in your field?
I think that if you work hard and try to improve your skills through training and education, you will be able to get great results.


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