Cool Earth ESG partnership launches

We’re excited to announce that Hexagon is partnering with global rainforest conservation charity Cool Earth, offering vital funding and support across its projects.

Cool Earth is unique in its approach. With a people-led focus, the organisation works with rainforest communities across the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea helping them protect their vital homes by creating long-term opportunities.

Although they account for just 3% of the Earth’s surface, rainforests are extremely rich in biodiversity and critical to the health of our planet. They play an important role in regulating the climate, taking carbon out of the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. The problem is that rainforest ecosystems are fragile. They are a delicate balance of inputs and outputs which is easily disturbed by unsustainable development and resource extraction.

Hexagon and Cool Earth align entirely on the need for a community approach to tackling climate change that builds hope for people and planet through empowerment. The partnership is being sponsored by the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence EMEA division.

Hexagon is a champion of change. Our environmental objectives focus on decarbonisation, waste reduction, and nature protection so this partnership allows us to give back precisely where we can make the biggest difference.

Our technology gives manufacturers the tools they need to radically rethink and reshape the made world. By giving innovation a lift, better products can be made in new innovative ways. Our solutions allow manufacturers to harness new materials and manufacturing processes that enable them to become more productive while reducing emissions and waste.

Combining this with a strategic approach to resource protection, our solutions accelerate innovation in the field of ecological monitoring. Our technology supports multiple challenges from biodiversity preservation to safety and risk management.

Much more than a great environmental partnership though, our work with Cool Earth places a huge focus on social empowerment which aligns with Hexagon’s own people and culture commitments. The charity provides rainforest inhabitants with an alternative to the short-term cash with long-term opportunities to stop irreparable damage from taking place.

Hexagon’s support for Cool Earth will grow over time and our priority is to look at ways to support the charity with our technology and expertise.

This is a partnership for people and planet so it is 100% Hexagon. Let’s work together to spread the word, drive engagement and embody the change we want to see in the world.


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