CMM monitoring: 5 ways to save time and increase measuring confidence

Data is the driving force behind smarter, more productive manufacturing systems, but not all data is equal. To be of real value it must be accurate, relevant and easy to both access and use. So, when Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division developed PULSE – an environmental monitoring tool to help customers identify in real-time external factors that impact CMM performance – we put a lot of design hours into making it simple for new users to navigate and deploy.

Whether it’s fluctuations in temperature or increased vibrations, environmental events can reduce measurement precision and repeatability, ultimately running up production costs. That’s why monitoring any changes in CMM status is crucial. With the right, connected tool manufacturers have a head-start in identifying the root cause of anomalies in measurement results, saving production and inspection time.

PULSE’s innovative design gives CMM operators instant and easy-to-understand information about CMM status around the clock, no matter where they are.

Here are five ways this CMM monitoring tool has been developed to help manufacturers save time and increase measuring confidence.

  1. Get CMM status at the push of a button

PULSE presents crucial environmental information you need about vibrations, temperature, humidity, air pressure, luminosity, and collisions in an intuitive interface. You can access the PULSE dashboard on your smartphone, tablet devices, or your desktop. In addition, users can enhance the functions of PULSE by upgrading to the HxGN SFx | Asset Management solution.

  1. Make crucial quality changes faster

By providing a complete picture of your inspection activities, PULSE delivers key information to help you quickly identify the root cause of measurement anomalies, ensuring data is reliable and accurate. Not only does this increase confidence in results, it enables you to react more effectively to recurring problems and make your quality process more efficient.

  1. Free up time for other important work

Giving you remote, real-time insights into CMM status wherever you are, PULSE allows you to work away from the CMM while it gets on with the job of completing inspection tasks. If an environmental condition threshold is breached or there’s been a collision, an instant alert is sent to you via text message or email.

  1. Save installation time with wireless sensors

In the latest version of PULSE, sensors used to constantly monitor the CMM can now be wireless, making installation even quicker and easier. The space saved with the wireless option also means more sensors can be placed in a greater variety of positions, offering better quality of insights into your metrology environment.

  1. Increase confidence in older machines

By making CMMs more autonomous, PULSE is a forward-thinking tool. But that doesn’t mean older CMMs are being left behind. Without the need for pre-cabling PULSE can be easily installed on a wide range of Hexagon and non-Hexagon brand machines. Installation can be included as part of one of our retrofit packages.

PULSE is about helping you be aware without being there. Learn more by visiting the PULSE product page or watching the video below.


  • Milan Kocic

    As Director of Business Development for Service and Support, Milan Kocic leads innovation and user experience efforts to enhance service and support offerings in North America. Milan joined Hexagon in 1995 as a Tech Engineer for PC-DMIS before managing various hardware and software product lines. He holds an MBA in International Business and Strategic Management.

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