Bhoomi Gadhia follows her passion for helping drive innovation

Bhoomi Gadhia shares her enthusiasm for helping companies understand how MSC Software can help them speed up new product introduction, while minimising risks.

1. What is your role within Hexagon?
My role as a Product Marketing Manager is to spread the word about how our technology fits with the needs of our customers and help them to see how adopting MSC Software from Hexagon can speed up their development times and reduce the risk and cost of introducing new products into the market place. My focus is on structural mechanics software (MSC Nastran, Marc and Patran software) which help predict durability, strength and in-use performance of parts and assemblies.

2. How did you come to pursue your current career?
I started working as an intern and then MSC offered me a full-time position in the Technical Support team for MSC Nastran, MSC Apex and Patran. I was then promoted to Product Marketing Manager for the products I supported.

3. Is there a mentor who encouraged you?
Yes, I have had several mentors during my time at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, one of them is my boss, Keith Hanna, VP of marketing at MSC Software. His energy and persistence are very addictive.

4. Which aspects of your job do you most enjoy and why?
I’ve worked with MSC Software since 2012 and still get really fired up by seeing how much of our technology helps to drive forward innovation for so many companies around the world, in every industrial sector.

5. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
I get to influence people every day who do not directly report to me, which is always a challenge. I try to overcome it by staying humble, making others feel part of the team, and showing them how their input contributes towards the greater good of the company and customers.

6. Which professional achievements are you most proud of and why?
I am very proud of a paper I wrote for NAFEMS, which is a highly reputed organization within the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) industry. When I had about 50 people who are CAE experts, attending my session to listen to what I to share at the NAFEMS conference, it was such an honour and a proud moment.

7. What advice would you give to young women considering a career in your field?
Follow your passion and do your thing, always. Never get intimidated by the room full of experts. As long as you are pursuing work that lights you up, everything else will follow.


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