Becoming Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: A Promise to You

Embracing change can be difficult. At times, we are all guilty of staying in our comfort zones and sticking with the familiar. But embracing change can also be exciting – it is the way that we innovate and the way we progress. And I have to admit I am very excited about our to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

It might seem like a risk to make a change like this in a company that is already successful. Personally, I’d argue that it’s riskier to stand still. Our customers are dynamic – always looking for ways to improve and innovate, and it’s absolutely right that our business continues to move with them. Actually when you look back, our company history comprises 200 years of constant change, and this is just the latest exciting chapter.

A new identity inspired by customers

For us, becoming Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is not about having a new name or logo. It is about what lies behind this new identity and what it is going to mean for our customers around the world.

There are many reasons why we feel now is the right time to change. We see Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence as a progression, the natural evolution of our brand and the direction the business has taken over the last few years. Our brand should reflect what we are able to offer to customers, and this is something that has changed a lot in recent times, through innovation and through acquisition.

The core competence of our company is dimensional metrology – using sensors to gather data. But in recent times our skillset has broadened. As we have continued to develop and improving our offering to customers, we have gathered expertise in new areas like statistical process control and CAD/CAM software. Although closely linked to metrology, these new capabilities take us beyond quality checking. They are about actively improving manufacturing and enabling customers to work in smarter ways. They are about productivity. They are about manufacturing intelligence.

Connected manufacturing – sense, think, act

Earlier this year we introduced the idea of sensing, thinking and acting – terms we use to represent our ability to gather, analyse and actively use data to improve manufacturing processes. Today, we have technologies that work in each of these three areas, and as we move forward as Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence we intend to work on connecting these technologies, closing the loop for manufacturers and enabling true data-driven manufacturing. We believe that quality assurance should no longer be a barrier to productivity. Through sensing, thinking and acting, we intend to build a world where quality drives productivity.

And so to return to what our brand means for customers. Our technology today focuses on active process improvement, giving real quality and productivity benefits – providing customers solutions, not problems. We enable manufacturers to work at the speed they need to, knowing that they can have confidence in their output. And this is our promise to you. Offering customers speed and confidence in manufacturing transformation – that’s shaping smart change.


  • Norbert Hanke

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence President Norbert Hanke, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, served the role of Financial Director at Brown & Sharpe prior to joining Hexagon in 2001. Additionally, Hanke previously held several positions within Kloeckner Group.

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