AICON BendingStudio 5.1 Update Overview: This Is New

On 10 October 2018 we released the latest version of our flagship software platform for tube and wire measurement, AICON BendingStudio. This new update delivers a range of usability improvements and new measurement functionalities.

Here are the most important new features of BendingStudio 5.1:

Measurement of Formed Ends with the Absolute Arm

BendingStudio now allows the measurement of rotationally symmetric formed ends with the Absolute Arm, just as is already possible with an AICON TubeInspect system. Through this function, the components of the formed end are defined and added to the part and the part is then ready for measurement with the formed end included.

Definition and Measurement of Diameter Changes with TubeInspect

For AICON TubeInspect users, BendingStudio v5.1 allows for the definition and measurement of diameter changes within a bent part. While creating the inspection plan, diameter changes to be measured are defined and selected. Position and length of the diameter changes are then automatically detected.
This new feature will be especially useful for the measurement of length and positions of a protection hose.

Definition of Inclined Clipping Planes for Measurement with Absolute Arm

In addition to a clipping box aligned with the coordinate system of the Absolute Arm, users can now switch to an arbitrary clipping plane for scanning, allowing for a simplified setup for different measurement situations.

Inspection Defaults for Part Import

In BendingStudio v5.1, defined inspection defaults and parameter templates can now be selected at the part import dialogue, allowing for a fast setup and the direct measurement of a new part.

Customers with a software maintenance agreement can download and install the new version of BendingStudio for free.


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