A seamless coordinate measuring machine (CMM) installation

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a key investment for manufacturers, essential to the accuracy of quality operations, workability of products and the efficiency of production. The journey to more productive inspection relies on an important first step: a smooth, expert-led installation, which is crucial to machine performance.

In a sense, the installation process begins before the CMM is even purchased. Our experts ensure customers have all the important details on the installation requirements specific to the CMM to help their decision-making process. This ensures that the installation site and teams involved are completely prepared when the CMM arrives at the site.

Upon the order of the CMM, Hexagon’s service team support the whole installation process and will often visit the facility before installation takes place. By inspecting the environment and discussing plans with the customer, we can ensure that the engineers and the delivery team working on the installation are aware of any requirements or considerations that need to be factored into the process, and work closely with customers to ensure they are happy with the plans.

A CMM installation step-by-step

On the day of installation, an engineer will arrive before the CMM is delivered for a final check. When the CMM is offloaded and put into position, this is the busiest part of the process, with a team on site ensuring the safety of the customer’s investment.

Once our team has placed the CMM into the installation area, the engineer team will install, commission and calibrate the CMM, along with implementing any optional add-ons that might have been included. The duration of this process is dependent on machine-type and environment, but this is indicated prior to installation.

Throughout the installation process, the Hexagon engineer is available to support the customer with any questions they may have and will continually update the customer at each stage to keep them informed and ensure they are happy.

Installing the GLOBAL S in February 2020

Depending on the customer’s needs, the installation process may continue with on-site familiarisation training. What’s more, the team involved in the installation are available throughout and after the CMM’s warranty to provide a range of support such as routine maintenance, relocation services, and repairs.

CMM installation at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

In February 2020, a GLOBAL S Blue 9.12.08 was installed at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes, UK, and the process involved provides a good illustration of what manufacturers should expect from dependable and seamless CMM installation.

One of Hexagon’s engineers arrived an hour before installation at the Red Bull Technology Campus to ensure all routes to the installation spot are cleared and everything is in place. This preparation enables our on-site expert to oversee and organise the off-loading the loading of the CMM to ensure the machine is in the correct position.

In this instance, Hexagon’s engineer was on site for several days installing, certifying and calibrating the machine. This also gives the teams at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing the opportunity to ask questions about the machine and receive direct expert advice. Once the CMM was set up, our engineer walked the relevant team members through the CMM and offer additional support that might help them get the most out of the CMM. Of course, Hexagon offers continued support remotely for a range of training, application, and troubleshooting needs.

To quote Mike Hughes, Head of Quality Assurance at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, this kind of support is about ‘guaranteeing success through preparation rather than reacting to problems as they come up. When it comes to installing a CMM, nothing is left to chance with Hexagon. We know it’s going to be installed and fitted properly.’


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