A New Optic on Handling Quality Data Growth

Discrete manufacturing in Europe is set to invest $20 billion in the Internet of things (IoT) in 2019. This is more than any other industry, according to the technology research company, IDC, which foresees a 20% growth in overall spending on IoT in the region this year, bringing it up to $171 billion.

There are sound business reasons for manufacturers to adopt IoT technology as part of their digitalisation and automation strategies. In addition to helping track assets, the exchange of real-time data between machines and systems lets companies rapidly identify potential issues and quickly take decisions to rectify them, thereby increasing productivity.

But the data exchanged by machines is only as useful as a company’s ability to understand and deploy it intelligently, which is why we are seeing rising investment in production analysis software.

Of particular interest to manufacturers is real-time production quality data, which is growing in importance as manufacturing becomes more dynamic and dependent on precision and productivity. Optical measurement systems such as 3D laser scanners, white light scanner systems and laser tracker systems are able to quickly and precisely capture production quality data. But they also generate large volumes of data that can be difficult to handle and analyse efficiently.

eMMA-blog imageManufacturers already use Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s eMMA software to plan, collect and analyse dimensional information from different suppliers’ metrology systems throughout the production lifecycle. Now Hexagon has addedan innovative module, called eMMA Inspector, to facilitate the rapid gathering and analysis of quality data streams from a full range of optical metrology systems.

eMMA Inspector makes it easy to rapidly load multiple data sets onto eMMA’s 3D interactive analysis platform by using lossless compression to reduce binary STL meshes to 5% of their original file size. And it makes analysis easier by introducing cutting planes that can be customised and configured to focus on a specific profile of a measured part. In addition, its graphical user interface lets users view the same part from multiple different perspectives on a single sub-divided screen.

Find out how eMMA can help you use your dimensional data to improve your business.


  • Siegfried Heinz

    Siegfried Heinz is the commercial support manager and co-founder of eMMA software. He drew on his expertise in 3D Modeling, CAD and PDM/PLM data exchange to build eMMA’s cutting-edge 3D quality data management solution for the automotive industry. Since joining Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in 2017 Siegfried has been helping new industries benefit from eMMA.

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