A Look to the Future for Students: What it’s Like to Work at Hexagon

Hexagon recently took part in a fantastic careers event at Silverstone University Technical College. The event offered students a unique opportunity to interact with professionals from numerous industries and gain insight into career paths and skill sets. The morning was hosted by Worktree, a UK-based charity working to build career aspirations and employability skills for young people.

Along with twenty other cross-disciplinary professionals, I volunteered at the event, representing Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. From discussing my role within the marketing department, students gained insight into the many varied roles available in the manufacturing industry. By the end of the day, students learned that there’s a place for each individual’s particular talents and several routes into working with Hexagon.

In a world where young people excel in the virtual world, it was especially rewarding to have face-to-face interactions with such engaged students. Here’s a look at some of the questions students asked me and the things they wanted to know about working for Hexagon.

“What do you do for work and can you give an example of a standard day?”

I am a Technical Writer and Project Manager working within the Global Marketing Team.

The majority of my work is focused on our PC-DMIS software which drives coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in the part inspection process, making sure that the part has been manufactured to the correct dimensions. I project manage the PC-DMIS Newsletter, a publication for our customers to learn more about the software and build knowledge on newly developed features.

Every day is different – it largely depends on where we are in the project cycle. My work includes anything from putting together articles, working on development projects or supporting colleagues wherever possible. Most days include liaising with an international team and keeping projects on track.

“How did you find your job?”

I took some time to fully consider exactly what I was looking to achieve from my work. I think this is key to sourcing a job you know you will enjoy. To start with, I looked at my skill set – what skills I had, what skills I wanted to develop further and what completely new skills I would like to work towards (I guarantee you will have a huge range of skills you don’t even notice you have, until you sit down and evaluate them!).

I knew I wanted to continue working in technical or engineering industries, but no longer wanted to be working directly with complicated calculations and mathematics – I much preferred to utilise my organisation skills in managing projects and continue to write technical documents.

Once I had defined my skills and experience, it was easy to direct my attention to finding a job that was right for me.

“What did the application and interview process involve; did you find it daunting?”

The key thing to remember is that employers are generally looking for core skills that you can apply in different ways. Before joining Hexagon I was studying at university, conducting interdisciplinary research in marine renewable energy, spanning both marine biology and marine engineering. Taking this unconventional route into marketing, it was important for me to showcase my experience and how I could apply it to my new role.

Try not to be intimidated by the interview process, it should be a two-way discussion; it’s as much exploring if the role is right for you, as it is for the employer to find a candidate that is right for them.

“What skills and qualifications would I need to work for Hexagon?”

Hexagon has a huge range of roles all requiring different skills, but an interest and background knowledge in technology and manufacturing industries would definitely be beneficial. If you’re looking for a technical position, problem solving and strong mathematical skills are key. For marketing, creativity and strong written communication skills. For sales, good interpersonal skills.

Careers are a journey of development and growth, always with opportunities to alter our path. In fact, many of the volunteers at the event were working in roles they didn’t expect to be in when they were at school!

Students left the event inspired to develop skills that support their interests and motivated to work hard at developing their future careers.

Learn more about the varied roles at Hexagon by getting to know some of my colleagues – click here to read their stories. If you’re a student, we have a page dedicated to the opportunities available to you at Hexagon.


  • Becky Francis

    Becky Francis is a Technical Writer and Project Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. She develops technical content for the PC-DMIS Newsletter and organises its delivery globally. Becky has a background in scientific research in the marine renewable energy industry. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Science and a Master of Research degree in Marine Renewable Energy.

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