5 Key Benefits to Fringe Projection Scanning

In industrial measurement, accuracy cannot be overlooked. If measurements are inaccurate, then the integrity of the entire production process is jeopardized. Recently, there has been a significant shift in the market – where touch probing was once the standard due to its unparalleled accuracy, non-contact scanning is now the preferred method to gather measurements of the whole part, when time is of the essence. To accommodate that need, AICON fringe projection scanning technology delivers. With respect to the implemented light source, a fringe projection scanner or structured light scanner is also known under the terms white light scanner or blue light scanner. Establishing itself as a frontrunner in its class, the AICON fringe projection scanner can perform quick surface scans that elicit the highest accuracy and finest resolution possible, down to a few microns. Here are five ways that your quality department and organization can benefit from AICON fringe projection scanning.

5-Key-Benefits-to-Blue-Light-Scanning1) Structured Light Meets High Resolution Cameras
AICON fringe projection scanning technology is based on the projection of structured light that is then captured by high-resolution cameras. This technology enables the entire object to be scanned within a few seconds, rather than having to make multiple passes with a traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Fringe projection scanning can also measure contours, making it exceedingly viable to scan an entire shape without the worry of missing crucial data points. It creates a 3D surface image that can be stored, rotated, expanded, and examined. When the need arises for the measurement of complete shapes, fringe projection scanning is the ideal process, offering both unrivalled speed and accuracy.

2) 16 Million Points, Captured
In one scan, up to 16 million points are captured with highest precision, getting down to the dust level. This approach allows for inspection, reverse engineering, and digitization all in one system, making fringe projection scanning spot-on for any procedure that requires a high level of accuracy. Furthermore, the AICON StereoScan neo allows you to “See What You Measure” (SWYM). Using the SWYM technology, it is now possible for the first time to visualize the results of a measurement directly onthe object.

3) Ease of Automation
AICON fringe projection scanners offer automation possibilities without the maintenance complexity of robots. (fig 1) Fringe projection scanning can deliver results for a variety of applications – working optimally on an object as small as a coin up to one as large as a car.

4) Gained Measurement Versatility
With two resolutions and measurement volumes to choose from, AICON fringe projection scanners grant users the greatest flexibility, offering different configurations for all applications and object sizes. See these applications in action:

5) Measure Confidently
Fringe projection scanning provides users with complete confidence in the measurementsretrieved. Rapidly becoming the preferred tool for precision measuring, manufacturers that aspire to remain competitive should begin their transition to the AICON scanner now, or risk having the technology decided by their customers. Combining tools like the AICON scanner with Hexagon’s technology consulting means the best possible solutions using the highest quality equipment for every individual circumstance. Explore the complete family of AICON fringe projection scanning solutions from Hexagon today.


  • Timo Kahlmann

    In 1997, Timo Kahlmann started his career at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, where he earned an honors diploma in Geodesy, and his doctorate of Industrial Metrology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2007. Since 2007, Kahlmann has worked for AICON 3D Systems GmbH in Braunschweig, Germany. In 2012, he took the position of Sales Manager – 3D Metrology for the global market. In 2016, AICON 3D Systems GmbH was acquired by Hexagon, and Kahlmann now has the role of Director of Commercial Support for AICON products, leading a team that improves the sales and customer relations within the worldwide sales network.

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